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Become a Web Developer

Develop web development fluency

Build a work-ready skill set and fluency in full stack web development

Create a web development portfolio

Develop a portfolio of projects individually and in small teams that are ready to present to employers

Get a web developer job

Prepare for an internship or entry-level job as a jr. web developer

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It’s incredibly empowering to be able to build pretty much anything web based… I know how to do that now.

Chris Goodmacher, WDI Graduate 2012

Meet Your Instructors

Our instructors are skilled professionals from the field, devoted to providing you the guidance and support you need to become a practicing web developer.

Join a World-Wide Web

Our immersive program runs simultaneously in eight different cities, connecting you to students, instructors, and resources from a global classroom community.


Financing Options

Financial hurdles shouldn’t keep you from your goals. That’s why we’re offering a few different financing options so you focus on your goals instead of the barriers that keep you from reaching them.

Please note, we have campuses around the world and financing options may differ in each market. Please speak with your local admissions officer for more information.

Explore the Syllabus

These are topics we'll cover throughout the program but the order and timing may deviate for specific sessions to better handle the dynamic of the class.

Installfest (Getting Setup)

  • Terminal
  • Sublime Text
  • XCode
  • Rails
  • Ruby
  • Databases

Fundamentals of Programming with Ruby and TDD

  • Implement Git as a source control system by pushing, pulling, and merging code
  • Learn the fundamentals of object-oriented programming with Ruby by using variables, operators, conditionals, loops, methods, classes, and modules
  • Research and implement Ruby gems to expand functionality
  • Build functionality based on tests by applying test-driven development techniques (TDD/BDD)
  • Research and apply Ruby Gems to enhance a program

Introduction to the Web and HTML5 + CSS3

  • Understand the story of the internet and how it works
  • Practice the user-facing building blocks of the web: HTML tags
  • Apply CSS to HTML to create attractive, cross-browser compatible, and mobile responsive designs

Databases and APIs

  • Experiment with a relational database solution: PostgreSQL
  • Write custom SQL queries
  • Apply indexing for efficiency
  • Understand and establish relationships between data models
  • Explore what an API is and how to build one
  • Practice using external APIs that provide extra functionality such as emailing, payments, SMS text messaging, mapping/geocoding, Twitter integration, Flickr integration, and more

Ruby on Rails and MVC Concepts

  • Thoroughly explore the Rails framework from the ground up
  • Understand the concepts behind an MVC, how models work, what belongs in a controller, and how it all fits together
  • Build custom apps by integrating models with databases, routing techniques, controller logic, and user-friendly views to create dynamic, content-rich web-based applications
  • Create multi-model projects with complex relationships
  • Learn how to create custom user authentication (login)
  • Write unit tests, functional tests, and integration tests
  • Deploy your application to the web

Team Dynamics with Agile Methodologies + Presentation and Research Skills

  • Learn how to think as a developer as you solve problems and research solutions
  • Apply project management tools to your projects, learn how to work in groups in a real-world dev environment
  • Work as a team to plan and build projects together
  • Present and demonstrate a live web application concisely and effectively

JavaScript Fundamentals

  • Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript as a programming language by understanding data types, conditionals, loops, functions, objects, and constructors
  • Manipulate the DOM with events and animations with pure JavaScript
  • Create interactive web pages including mouse, scroll, and keyboard events
  • Integrate JavaScript into Rails apps

jQuery + AJAX

  • Demonstrate how to manipulate the DOM using jQuery selectors, events, and animations
  • Write JavaScript that allows the browser to communicate with the server without reloading the current page
  • Trigger front-end events that interact with databases and integrate with Rails applications to create dynamic pages that load quickly and seamlessly

JavaScript Libraries + MVC

  • Expand your JavaScript with ruby-like functionality using Underscore.js
  • Use Rails as an API to create more efficient applications with the use of a JavaScript MVC such as Backbone.js or Angular
  • Explore data visualization with D3 and other graphing libraries

Advanced Ruby on Rails Topics

  • Explore and assess the advantages of alternative database solutions (NoSQL, MongoDB)
  • Monitoring performance of a web application
  • Web analytics
  • Implement Front-end frameworks, like Bootstrap and Foundation, to jump-start a front end
  • Transition to SCSS to create cleaner and more maintainable CSS
  • Make sure your application is secure by applying best practices to avoid site crashes and service attacks

System Administration

  • Learn how to navigate through cloud-based hosting such as Heroku and Amazon AWS
  • Deploy to different environments and maintain a proper development workflow
  • Simulate load testing on your applications and servers

Computer Science

  • Dig deep into code while exploring techniques and computer science concepts to create more efficient and elegant solutions to problems
  • Build programs using the appropriate data structures and algorithms to optimize for performance
  • Differentiate between various data structures and their purpose (linked lists, stacks, hashtables, etc.)
  • Put skills to the test with in-class coding challenges
  • Evaluate the efficiency and runtime of various algorithms used within applications

Bring Ideas To Life

Our classroom goes beyond theory, giving you the chance to take what you learn and immediately put it to use — from personal work to client projects — within weeks of starting your learning journey. See what some of our students have made:

Meet Our Students

We believe that learning is better together. Being a student at GA means working closely with a diverse group that includes backgrounds ranging from anthropology to computer science, and becoming part of a global community that will help shape the next generation of Web Developers.

WDI London Class Photo

WDI June '13 / London
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WDI NYC Class Photo

WDI March '13 / New York
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Trying to learn programming from a book is hard because most assume you know way more than you do. At General Assembly, the instructor started from square one and within a few weeks, we were building full-fledged apps.

Larry Buchanan / Freelance designer, illustrator, and journalist

Three students discuss programming

Put Your Education to Work

At General Assembly, we not only help you build new skills, we aim to provide chances to put them to use. Registration in a course includes access to GA Studio, which assists interested students in creating additional portfolio pieces, preparing for the job search process, and finding new career opportunities.


  • Interview training
  • Resumé review, feedback, and guidance
  • One-on-one career planning
  • Opportunities to meet companies in the GA network


  • Panel discussions with experienced developers
  • Visits from trained practitioners


  • Invitations to networking events
  • Field trips to local tech meetups
  • Project presentations to the GA tech community

Get Answers

We love questions, almost as much as we love providing answers. Here are a few samplings of what we’re typically asked, along with our responses:

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