Visual Note-taking for Creative Thinkers

Visual Note-taking for Creative Thinkers | Phoenix

About this class

Were you ever taught how to take notes? Even if you were, do you take notes effectively? Or are you like most of us, who look back at our notes five minutes after we've written them down and have no recollection of what they say? The practice of conventional note-taking has taught us how to be excellent transcribers, but for most of us, this is not an effective way to sit in a class or meeting and actively engage with, process and retain information.

Visual Note-taking (also known as "Sketch-noting") is a skill designed to help you spatialize and visualize information as you hear it. This skill helps with information retention, improves your brains ability to engage during the note-taking process, and it's fun! Visual Note-taking is an introduction to visual communication that will help you become more comfortable visualizing and sketching your ideas. DISCLAIMER: You do not need to know how to draw to find this class helpful! If you can draw a square... even a really bad square... you’re more than qualified.


  • Gain a basic understanding of the difference between conventional notetaking and visual notetaking
  • Better understand your unique thought processes and notetaking needs
  • Practice basic drawing exercises and improve your visual vocabulary
  • Learn valuable tools to practice and improve your visual notetaking
  • Learn how visual notetaking can help you tell better stories and more clearly communicate your ideas

Prereqs & Preparation

Please bring something to write with and something to write on.

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