Visual Design Fundamentals Workshop | Chicago

About this workshop

The goal of Visual Design is to communicate a specific message to a targeted audience. This workshop will teach you the purpose of visual design, the theory behind design and also how it relates to UX design.

You'll learn the basic elements of Visual Design, including typography, colour, contrast, gestalt principles of perception, etc. You'll leave with an understanding of the fundamentals of Visual Design, and the knowledge to go on and create work of your own, building on your learnings in the workshop.


  • Understand the purpose of visual design and the value it brings to the overall experience
  • A vocabulary for critique and communicating visual problems and solutions.
  • Provide a background of key visual design elements and components.
  • Start to identify aspects that make certain designs work (or not work).
  • An idea of how UX works in relation to a website or app.

Prereqs & Preparation

This workshop is for anyone looking to get more of a background on Visual Design, or interested in learning visual design essentials to create their own design collateral.

Please bring something to take notes with.

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