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About this workshop series

Are you a visual thinker looking to understand more about the world of digital design? Have you been wanting to learn some of the fundamental programs and techniques that designers currently use to bring their ideas to life?

Whether you’re creating a digital product, an ad campaign, or a presentation, strong visual communication is critical to convey ideas in meaningful and compelling ways. Visual design skills are also a powerful extension to a variety of professional backgrounds. According to Burning Glass, hybrid jobs - which are rapidly increasing in value - are multi-disciplinary and require a wide set of skills from different fields. So whether you’re looking to up your game (and your job title), make a career switch, or are just starting out, it literally pays to know what skills are needed as a visual designer.

Visual Design Fundamentals Workshop Series is the interactive and hands-on way to learn the fundamentals of visual design. We will cover the essential aspects of visual design, leaving you with a deeper understanding of how effective designs are actually created, from research to final mockup. You will dive head first into tools and techniques, skill up with exercises, and by the end of the day you'll come away with knowledge on how to create beautiful, stand-out work that can live anywhere across the content spectrum, and drive results.

This workshop is for beginners. No prior knowledge or experience required.


  • Learn the fundamentals of go-to tools for digital designers.
  • Touch on essential design principles including composition, colour theory, and typography.
  • Explore the basic techniques and theory behind effective UX/UI design.
  • Learn the basic stages of the digital design process (research, ideation and prototyping).
  • Learn to create powerful designs that can be applied to any form of content: magazines, websites, marketing materials, brochures and social media.

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