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Video Production Fundamentals | Dallas

Past Locations for this Class

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In the time constrained 21st century, we are relying less on words and more on images and moving pictures. Videos can communicate in a way print cannot. This course is an introduction into this crucial marketing format.

Students will walk away with the basics of video construction using the most basic and readily available tools such as the mobile phone and basic editing software included on most computers. The simultaneous use of two or more cameras in production will also be taught. Lastly, the course will also teach what makes a video work and what doesn’t in terms of its ability to grasp and maintain audience attention.

Applying these concepts, students will be able to construct basic videos with bootstrap budgets to convey their messages that are impactful in both the business and personal context. These basics will also allow individuals with no background in the subject to understand the process even when projects are outsourced to outside parties.

This workshop is for individuals interested in knowing how to create videos for the purposes of sending a message or increasing awareness of their corporate products and services. It is also useful for those looking to get video done on bootstrap budgets. Individuals who outsource video production to other agencies will also find this workshop useful.


Upon completion of the class students will: 1. Understand the basics of video construction through a practical hands-on exercise. 2. Understand the basic concept of what a story is and why it is so crucial to communication in video. 3. Understand the process of refining their message so it can be expressed in 30 seconds or less.

Prereqs & Preparation

It would be greatly beneficial if students acquainted themselves with the free editing software that comes with either the Apple and/or Windows operating systems prior to the workshop.

They should bring a laptop, a mobile phone with video recording functions and a cable that is capable of synching the two devices. Both Apple or Windows operating systems should have inbuilt editing softwares respectively named iMovie and Movie Maker. It's suggested that class instruction be taught using the iPhone and Apple laptops.

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