Unlearn Imposter Syndrome

Unlearn Imposter Syndrome | Dallas

About this event

Does your Inner Critic tell you that you don’t have it in you to succeed? That you are too old to change careers or have lost too much time doing something else? Being self-critical can push us to strive and excel, but the critical internal voice is not a sustainable motivator: As it wants us to be perfect at all times, it keeps us from growing and developing. The good news is that it is possible to turn the Inner Critic from a major drag into an effective support voice or even an ally.

This Workshop is For Everybody Who

  • feels like their Inner Critic is keeping them from being at ease in their lives
  • wants to take the next steps in their professional development without judging themselves
  • is fed up with constantly second-guessing their motivations, decisions, and performance


Thinking that everybody else knows what they are doing and will soon find out that we are the only ones who don’t feels terrible. And Impostor syndrome can affect any of us, also—and especially—people who are hard-working, well educated, and successful.

We will look into the reasons why we may experience impostor syndrome and what we can do to overcome it, taking an important step toward less self-doubt and more self-assurance. With actionable tools and some guidance and practice, we can learn to take a more realistic—and more positive!—view on our lives, careers, and accomplishments.

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