Understanding the Buyer Journey Workshop | St. Louis

About this workshop

The difference between yesterday’s marketing vs. modern marketing primarily resides in the time, energy, effort and budget spent between the top, middle and bottom of the buyer’s journey. In yesterday’s marketing all brands indeed produced content. However, the priorities on content production and distribution looked more like an "upside down funnel”. Which is exactly the opposite of what the buyer’s journey looks like. But how does the model work? What are the phases in which the journey is divided? And what kind of content should I create for each phase of the journey?

The workshop will define what a buyer’s journey is, will evaluate different models and will clarify, with examples and interactive exercises, why it is so important to focus on the different phases of the journey when you build your marketing and content strategy.


  • Understand different models of the buyer journey and respective pluses and minuses
  • Understand each phase of the journey, with practical examples
  • Understand how the buyer behaviour changes at the top, middle and bottom of the journey and how to attract/influence buyers in each phase
  • Learn basic elements of psychology to influence buyers behaviour in each phase of the journey
  • A deeper understanding of the content types and media/channels that works for each phase of the journey, with practical examples
  • Who should focus on the top, middle and bottom of the journey within the marketing function
  • How should a marketing team/division be (re)organised in order to maximise focus on the proper phases of the buyer journey

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