Transition to Tech: Pathways For Teachers

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Transition to Tech: Pathways For Teachers | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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Making a career switch can be a thrilling and, for many, a daunting task. Whether you’re just beginning to think about taking the leap or you're in the middle of the process, it's easy to get overwhelmed. How do you know when to leave your current role and how do you best position yourself for your next?

In this intimate talk, programmers will share with us their motivations, the challenges of transitioning, and how it feels to be a developer today. Whether you’re looking to cross-over into a role that requires you to know web development, level up in your existing role, or you’re curious about programming, Come hear from technologist, graduates and instructors for an Ask Us Anything session to learn how you can make a successful transition to tech.


-Tactics to identify and network with key individuals in technology. -A framework for evaluating jobs and companies. -A better understanding of your personal strengths and weaknesses and how to effectively options to increase your skills -Meet others in the community that are making a career change and share tips, stories and battle wounds.

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