Trademark Law 101: Protecting Your Brand

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Trademark Law 101: Protecting Your Brand | Charlotte

Past Locations for this Workshop

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A quality Trademark or "mark" is the bedrock of any successful business or product. Protecting this valuable asset is imperative to a company's success, and yet surprisingly few entrepreneurs know much about what it is and how to protect it.

In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of trademark law, including what makes a good mark, how to select a mark, how to protect a mark, and how to properly use a mark in the marketplace to maximize the value of this important asset. This class is perfect for startup founders, CMOs, marketing team members, or other individuals who will be responsible for or are interested in learning about selecting a company name, product name, or designing a branding strategy.


  • What Trademarks are and what they do
  • How a Federal Trademark registration can become a very valuable asset for your business
  • Why it is essential for you to secure a Trademark registration for your brand as early as possible
  • What is involved in the Trademark registration process, and what problems commonly arise
  • What to do if someone else is using (infringing on) your Trademark
  • What to do if someone is claims that you are infringing on their Trademark (and demand that you stop)

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