The Future of Mobile Photography and Film

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The Future of Mobile Photography and Film | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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Since the introduction of the first digital camera in the 1970s, we’ve seen an exponential growth in camera technology. Improvements to our mobile devices in particular have increased the accessibility of creative storytelling tools, allowing us to share, connect, and do business in completely new ways.

That said, it’s essential for modern-day creators to leverage the convenience of the phones in their pockets to open new doors as individual content makers, community members, and professionals.

Join us for a conversation with industry pros and pioneers on the evolution of mobile media, led by Jordan Stead of

We’ll touch on:

  • The impact of improved mobile technology on the photography and film industries
  • Best practices for using mobile tools creatively and professionally
  • The importance of fostering a vibrant community around your work

Stick around after for mingling with fellow community members and drinks on us!

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