The Edge of Innovation

Past Locations for this Event

The Edge of Innovation | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

Overview: ​ Join us for a series of intimate fireside chats, exploring how innovation has fundamentally changed traditional fields like advertising, journalism, music, and finance — and what they expect to see in the next five years. Network with fellow innovative minds and find answers to help you stay relevant and nimble in your career.

What You’ll Take Away:

Get insider insights, real-world experiences, and professional tips that push your career and creative problem solving skills forward.

Why It Matters:

Innovation drives the most successful businesses today — from startups to longstanding companies. The ability to not only embrace change, but to leverage it to boost your product or service, is crucial. This inside look into how real world experts view innovation offers practical, relatable guidance on how to steer your professional journey with new tech and ideas.

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