The 3 Step Strategy to Land a High Paying Job in Tech

The 3 Step Strategy to Land a High Paying Job in Tech | Louisville

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If you find yourself in a career rut, in need of some clarity, not sure how to level up, or simply tired of spending countless hours applying to jobs, wasting time with recruiters, and going on interviews that lead to nowhere, then this workshop is for you.

Gaurav Valani is a world-renowned Career Coach, former executive, speaker, and entrepreneur. He has spent the better part of the last 12+ years teaching thousands of professionals how to find meaningful work and in this workshop, he is going to walk you through the exact process that has helped his clients land high-paying jobs that align with their career aspirations.

Last year, amidst a global pandemic, Gaurav and his team personally helped more clients than ever:

  • Break six-figures for the first time (many broke into 200k and 300k for the first-time)
  • Become first-time leaders and executives (securing seven-figure total comp plans)
  • Successfully transition out of slow-moving and outdated industries and careers, into jobs that felt more aligned with their passions and strengths
  • Successfully land jobs at some of the world’s most admired companies

His client's successes always possessed three common traits:

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Creating the exact strategy that effortlessly allowed them to navigate the job search to meet their short-and-long-term career goals
  • Knowing how to implement their strategy effectively

In this workshop, Gaurav is not going to hold back:

You will learn exactly how to develop and implement these strategies to help you achieve your career goals in 2021 and create sustained success so that you can future-proof your own career.



  • Learn the powerful 5-step strategy that's helped thousands of professionals secure high-paying jobs

  • Walk away knowing exactly how to implement that strategy in your own job search and career

  • Develop a bullet-proof mindset that will improve your confidence and overcome limiting beliefs

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