Storytelling Skills: Wow Your Crowd

Past Locations for this Class

Storytelling Skills: Wow Your Crowd

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

The best way to make a point or inspire action in the workplace is by telling a compelling story. This class is not a general overview about why storytelling in the workplace is important or how famous businesses have used storytelling in the past. This is a nuts and bolts, point-by-point instructional on how you can go about crafting and delivering stories that will move your listeners. In this class, students will learn:

  • The two essential elements of stories
  • The difference between stories and “story-ish” information
  • How to apply the Six Senses to create emotional resonance
  • How to shape a narrative across the trajectory of five beats
  • How to zero in on and shape a narrative around one selling point


  • One 2-to-5 minute story in the first draft model
  • A worksheet that guides the student through the steps of crafting future stories
  • The experience of having shared a story with a partner and, optionally, with the whole room

Prereqs & Preparation

Preparation is not mandatory, but it is especially useful for a student to have prepared a short story to share. Each student should think of a message he or she wants to communicate in his/her career now or in the near future. Then think up a story that illustrates that message or proves that point. Zero in on an actual incident (or incidents) and the thoughts, feelings, words and actions of the individuals involved.

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