SQL Fundamentals Workshop Series | Chicago

About this workshop series

Imagine that you have a spreadsheet containing every data point about your customers — their preferences, their web browsing behavior, the products they’ve bought. What would you do with all that information? When you know SQL fundamentals, you can slice and dice that data any way you want, providing critical insights that drive business strategy.

This 2-Part Workshop is the beginner level interactive way to get started on data analysis and handling. You will dive head first into SQL, skill up with exercises, and by the end of the day you'll write queries with confidence and distill insights from real-world data.


  • Describe a relational database.
  • Illustrate the structure of a database using an entity relationship diagram.
  • Explore the anatomy of a SQL server.
  • Write queries to retrieve data from a SQL database (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server, etc.).
  • Sort and segment SQL query results to generate insights.
  • Combine data from multiple tables in complex queries.

Prereqs & Preparation

This workshop is for beginners. No prior knowledge or experience required. Download the PG Admin and watch this Introduction to SQL video before your course starts. You will need access to a laptop or computer with a working webcam and microphone as well as a strong internet connection. This class will occur completely online using Zoom. Class setup information will be emailed to all students signed up around 24 hours before (and again an hour before) your class launches. Each individual class participant must have purchased a ticket.

NOTE: Some domains block our automated emails, so If you don’t receive sign-in instructions within 1 hour of the livestream, please reach out to help@generalassemb.ly and we’ll send sign-in instructions right away! If this class is recorded, students will be sent the recording link within 7 days after class completion by email. Students are encouraged to download and save shared materials (worksheets, deck if applicable) during class for later reference, as they are not shared via email.

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