SQL For Beginners | Online | San Diego

About this workshop

Looking to learn some basic SQL skills to filter, aggregate or produce reports from a database? Exporting data and using Excel instead of taking advantage of functionality your database already gives you? This class will give you the skills required to perform both basic and complex data manipulations with ease.

This class will introduce students to SQL queries for data gathering and data analysis. We will cover enough query syntax and examples and hands on practice to get students started on querying a database and performing common data analysis tasks that are transferable to their own needs.


  • Learn to write basic SQL queries to filter, aggregate and summarise data.

    • Know how to apply your new knowledge to many real life situations requiring SQL.
    • Understand underlying concepts through examples and hands on practice.
    • Have access to cloud based learning databases to support their learning after the course.

Prereqs & Preparation

This is a beginner class assuming no previous SQL experience.

Please bring a laptop with MySQL Workbench pre-installed. You can download the required software for free from MySQL Workbench

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