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About this workshop series

The SQL 2-Day Intensive Workshop covers the curriculum of our SQL 1-Day Fundamentals Workshop and our SQL 1-Day Advanced Workshop .

SQL is a powerful language, and tool, for data analysis and data handling. In this intensive, you’ll dive deep into SQL syntax and database structures, while applying your new SQL skills to address business problems. This course will take absolute beginners through the basics of SQL to an ability to write queries with confidence.

This 12-hour SQL 2-Day Intensive Course is the interactive and hands-on way to get started on learning to leverage your data. You will dive head first into SQL, skill up with exercises, and by the end of the day you'll know how to ask — and answer — the right questions of your data sets.


  • Understand SQL vocabulary such as tables, schema, functions and JOINS.
  • Understand the differences between different data management systems for SQL databases.
  • Create basic SQL queries by applying Boolean logic, sorting functions, and commenting.
  • Apply SQL aggregate functions [MIN, MAX, SUM, AVG, COUNT].
  • Use CAST to change a column’s type for a query.
  • Use advanced SQL commands [OR, GROUP BY, HAVING] and conditional operators [ =,!=,>,

Prereqs & Preparation

  • This workshop is for beginners. No prior knowledge or experience required.
  • Install SQLite prior to class.
  • You will need access to a laptop or computer with a working webcam and microphone as well as a strong internet connection.
  • This class will occur completely online using Zoom.
  • Class setup information will be emailed to all students signed up around 24 hours before (and again an hour before) your class launches.
  • Each individual class participant must have purchased a ticket.
  • NOTE: Some domains block our automated emails, so If you don’t receive sign-in instructions within 1 hour of the livestream, please reach out to help@generalassemb.ly and we’ll send sign-in instructions right away!
  • If this class is recorded, students will be sent the recording link within 7 days after class completion by email. Students are encouraged to download and save shared materials (worksheets, deck if applicable) during class for later reference, as they are not shared via email.

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