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About this workshop

Unleash the power of SQL to automate reports, access data beyond cookie-cutter tools and combine data from different sources. In this crash-course, you'll learn the basics of SQL. We'll also dip our toe into data visualisation options.

Please note: This class teaches PostgreSQL. Other flavours of SQL (e.g. MySQL, MS SQL) have subtle differences.


  • Setting up - What you need to access your database
  • What is SQL? Why use SQL? How does it differ from Excel?
  • Writing queries
  • Selecting, Filtering (on query level), Ordering & Grouping
  • Common data types
  • Aggregation functions (across rows)
  • Aggregating horizontally (across columns)
  • Casting types
  • Common functions
  • Joins – Combining tables
  • CTEs – Keep your queries structured
  • Creating views
  • Filtering on function level
  • Cases (if clauses)
  • Window functions
  • SQL and Excel
  • Visualisation options

Prereqs & Preparation

Everyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of SQL and be able to run/write queries on an existing database. No prior experience required but should be comfortable around technology.

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