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Software Engineering Immersive


Become a professional software engineer. Learn from expert instructors and career coaches in Singapore.

Certificate in Web Development

480 hours / 12 weeks

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Engineers power innovation in fields ranging from health care to eCommerce — and demand for their talents is on the rise. Tap into new opportunities and position yourself as a job-ready full-stack software developer in our Immersive course, online or at our campuses around the world. Our proven, expert-designed curriculum is continually updated to keep pace with shifting employer demands, and top names like Google, Microsoft, Deloitte, and IBM have all turned to GA to hire our grads. Access exclusive opportunities, launch collaborations, and leverage key connections as part of our global network of more than 40,000 part- and full-time alumni.

Course Length

12 weeks


$13,650 SGD

Course Goal

Engage in full-time Immersive training and launch a high-growth software engineering career.

Course Rating

4 out of 5 rating
Read reviews.

Course Features

  • Up to 60 hours of self-directed pre-course learning
  • Dedicated one-on-one career coaching
  • 12 weeks of full-time, expert-led instruction
  • Online and on-campus formats

Reach Professional Goals With Personalized, One-on-One Support

Our Outcomes program, offered exclusively to Immersive students, fosters continual growth during your job search. Whether you’re sending applications or prepping for a technical interview, your career coach will help you grow beyond the course curriculum.

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Interactive In-Class Programs

Courses incorporate a mix of in-class speakers, company tours, and workshops to prepare you for a role in a new industry.

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Boost Your Application Quality

Discover how to be a competitive, active job seeker. Learn how to set yourself apart, get your foot in the door, and land interviews.

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Network Better in Every Setting

Grow your connections. Utilize networking strategies to meet job search goals, from large events to one-on-one meetings.

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Communication and Branding

Effectively convey who you are as a candidate. Practice talking about your experience, mock interviews, and more.

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Master Time Management

Discover how to manage the many tasks of a job search. Streamline your workflow and reformat your week to apply for roles.

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Hone Your Technical Skills

Grow a tool kit of portfolio boosters. Get resources to keep polishing your skills in web development, UX design, or data science.

“The employer engagement events [in the Outcomes program] were some of the best experiences I’ve had. They taught me a lot about how to communicate my work and network in general.”

Byron Allen, Data Science Immersive Alumnus, Sydney

Immersive Student Life

Each full day of expert-led instruction incorporates a mix of presentations, interactive labs, and collaboration to offer a hands-on, project-based approach to learning. Here's an example of what your schedule could look like as an Immersive student. (Times may vary based on location.)
9 a.m.
Group Work

Daily recaps and code exercises reinforce newly learned concepts and skills.

10 a.m.
Instructor-Guided Lessons & Activities

Learn key objectives through expert-led lectures, discussions, and exercises.

12 p.m.
Review Session (Optional)

Recap morning coursework.

2 p.m.
Labs & Exercises
Student-Guided Group Activities

Practice new skills, work on independent or group labs, and dive deeper into the day’s key topics.

5 p.m.
Personalized Support

Reach your educational goals with individualized attention from instructors.

6 p.m.
Assignments & Projects

Complete homework, projects, and review exercises with help from evening TAs.

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Meet Your Instructor

WDI Instructional Lead, Akira Wong

In 5th grade, Akira Wong learned to program on an Apple IIe. He came back to programming about 6 years ago, after a youth spent trying to become a professional cyclist. His career as a developer has included startups, consulting work, and personal open-source projects, all across a number of different platforms and stacks, from dev-ops in AWS to chrome apps in angular.js. In his spare time, he is working on a web browser tab manager. He enjoys thinking about the craft and culture of programming.


What You’ll Learn: Leading-Edge Skills for Software Engineers

learn programming fundamentals

Programming Fundamentals

Understand how to assemble your development environment, work efficiently as an engineer, and ensure your projects are a success. Learn programming fundamentals, along with the basics of computing, networks, and data structures.

learn product development basics

Product Development Basics

Pinpoint what a user should be able to accomplish with your application, model your data accordingly, develop simple wireframes, and track a collaborative development process using version control.

learn front-end web development

Front-End Web Development

Explore what powers the web we see. Gain an understanding of how to write high-quality JavaScript code, building a dynamic, front-end to a web application using a modern JS library. You’ll then use CSS to add layout and style.

learn back-end web development

Back-End Web Development

Learn to build web applications from the ground up using Ruby on Rails — a modern web language and MVC framework. Develop high-quality APIs using Node.js and integrate data from other apps (such as Twitter or Yelp) into your project.

learn how to work with development teams

Team Collaboration Strategies

Discover how to effectively communicate and collaborate with development teams. Produce high-quality software as you work with a team to build, maintain, change, and secure an application.

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What Our Recent Graduates Have to Say

4 out of 5 rating

It's fast track, and they make an effort to plan a career for you.

4 out of 5 rating

challenging, friendly stuff


Tuition and Financing

Need payment assistance? Our financing options allow you to focus on what matters: your goals.

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For 12 weeks of full-time training, ongoing career search support, and additional alumni opportunities and perks.

Tuition Assistance

Financing options differ in each market and are only available to students accepted into our programs. Contact a local admissions officer for more information.

Loan Providers

Financing options differ in each market and are only available to students accepted into our programs. Contact a local admissions officer for more information.


Upcoming Course Dates

Campus Visits

Software Engineering Immersive Info Session

Find out if this Immersive is right for you and your goals. Chat with the GA team, discover the curriculum details, and get a glimpse into student life in an upcoming info session.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this course relevant today?

There’s never been a better time to start a career as a software engineer. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment growth in this sector will top 24 percent between 2016 and 2026. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, there is a growing demand for software engineers who can creatively solve problems and implement robust, sustainable solutions.

What practical skill sets can I expect to have after completing this course?

By the end of our Software Engineering Immersive, you will be able to:

  • Create responsive web pages for modern browsers using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Write full-stack applications and deploy them to cloud-based services like Heroku.
  • Demonstrate programming and computer science fundamentals, as well as software engineering best practices.
  • Consume web application programming interfaces (APIs) from third-party sites such as Twitter, Google, or Yelp.
  • Build a RESTful API using a technology like Sinatra, Rails, Django, or Express.
  • Build a richly interactive, front-end single-page application using a modern framework like Angular or library like React.
  • Collaborate as a team using Git and GitHub, widely accepted collaboration practices, and an Agile development workflow.
  • Implement common data structures encountered in technical interview situations, such as linked lists and trees.
  • Solve algorithm challenges and analyze the computational complexity of algorithms using Big O notation.

What kind of community will I find in this course?

Our Software Engineering Immersive course attracts eager learners who are as passionate about growing and launching a new career as you are. Their backgrounds span professions in design, product management, and many other fields. The General Assembly experience creates lasting friendships and collaborations that will support you throughout a lifetime of discovery.

What does my tuition cover?

  • Expert-led training in full-stack development and computer science skills, methods, and best practices.
  • Diagnostic and readiness assessments, which help determine your self-directed pre-course learning path.
  • Access to a dedicated group of career coaches who will help you land a job after graduation.
  • Ongoing job search support and exclusive networking opportunities.
  • Additional alumni perks, including discounts, workshop credits, online classes, and more.

What can I expect to accomplish by the end of this course?

By the end of the course you will have:

  • Created at least four portfolio projects.
  • Practiced for technical interviews.
  • Built a full-stack application.
  • Developed lifelong community you can tap into throughout your career.

What are my financing options for this course?

Financial hurdles shouldn’t keep you from achieving your goals. In addition to payment plans, we offer a few different financing options so you can focus on what counts — your education — including income share agreements and other options with $0 upfront costs. We also offer tuition reimbursement and scholarships for eligible students facing barriers to enrollment.

Who teaches this course in Singapore?

The instructor for this course in Singapore is Akira Wong.

In 5th grade, Akira Wong learned to program on an Apple IIe. About 8 years ago he came back to programming as a professional career after a youth spent trying to become a professional cyclist. His career as a developer started in San Francisco and has included startups, consulting work, and personal open-source projects, all across a wide range of different platforms, stacks and languages- from dev-ops in AWS to chrome apps in angular.js. He enjoys thinking about the craft and culture of programming and teaching it to others.


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