Software Engineering: Ask Admissions Anything

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Software Engineering: Ask Admissions Anything | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

About this event

Are you curious about General Assembly’s upcoming Software Engineering Immersive Course? Wondering whether you should take that leap of faith, what kind of career support and subsidies are available to get you one step closer to that dream job and the steps you need to take to land a job in the in-demand software engineering field?

Whether you're looking to cross-over into a software engineer role or level up your coding skills to advance further your existing role, join us and figure out if this course is a fit for you!

About this course:

General Assembly’s Software Engineering Immersive is a full-time career accelerator that’s designed to transform students from novices to job-ready, full-stack software engineers. As a graduate, you’ll leave with a solid base of fundamental programming and computer science knowledge, as well as experience with languages, frameworks, and libraries that local employers demand.


In this session, you will learn about:

  • Our admission process and how you can land a spot in this course
  • Our award-winning course curriculum and how it is primed for industry relevance and excellence
  • Possible software engineering projects that you can graduate with to impress your future employers
  • Our veteran instructors who bring in-depth experience from the field to the classroom
  • Our career support to help individualise your path to a new software engineering career
  • Available subsidies that you might be eligible for

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