Sketch for Non-Designers | Philadelphia

About this workshop

Have an idea on how to create or improve a mobile or web app, but been frustrated trying to communicate it to others?

Enter Sketch. Unlike the bloated tools it replaces (see: Photoshop, Illustrator), Sketch is a simple, powerful design tool made specifically for those who design for screens. It has captured the UI/UX design world by storm—designers worldwide, including at leading companies like Google and Facebook, have already made the switch.

Why should you, the non-designer, care? Sketch lets you express your product ideas visually, with very little work. You’ll be able to vividly share your concepts with potential customers, collaborators, and investors.

In this hands-on class, we will take you from knowing nothing about design to creating your first clickable prototype and loading it on your mobile phone within 2 hours. (PS: While this class doesn’t assume any design background, existing UX/UI designers who want to make the switch to Sketch are most welcome.)


This class provides an overview of:

Simple prototyping methodology. Basic prototyping with Sketch. Sharing your ideas and creating a clickable wireframe with InVision.

While we won’t review the advanced techniques professional designers use to create pixel-perfect designs in Sketch (just not enough time, unfortunately!), the foundation we build in class will enable you to explore these topics on your own with confidence.

Prereqs & Preparation

Please bring your Mac laptop with you; this is a very hands-on class. While we love our PC friends, Sketch is Mac-only at the moment.

Please download a free trial to Sketch 3 and sign up for a free InVision account before class starts.

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