Service Design Bootcamp

Past Locations for this Workshop

Service Design Bootcamp | Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Service Design is a well established, yet often misunderstood discipline that focuses on the development of solutions with consideration to all channels and touch points from both a user and organisational perspective. It’s a growing industry, with everyone from banks, to social enterprises using this to create value for their organisations, and the people they interact with.

This is a hands-on, crash course where you’ll learn a high level approach and key tools and practices of service design. You’ll design with consideration for both the user and the organisation involved in the service.

In 6 short hours, you’ll work through: - Discovery: gaining empathy and understanding the needs and pain points of users. - Ideation: Developing a range of ideas on how to develop a solution to meet the needs of all users. - Prototyping: Testing and iterating, including the customer experience, “front of house” interactions, and back of house dependencies. - Communication: Articulating the many facets of your offering in a concise way.

This course is for anyone that has an interest in applying the design process to solve complex problems. It’s likely you’ll have many transferable skills or experiences that will be put to use through the course of the day.


Students will learn:

  • How user research helps define real opportunities or challenges
  • Ways to generate ideas and prototype solutions across a range of touchpoints
  • Tools and approaches for designing and communicating services
  • Integrating the customer experience and the organisational capabilities needed to successfully deliver that experience.

Prereqs & Preparation

It would be helpful to have a basic understanding of human centred design principles. We’d suggest reading up on anything by IDEO, Stanford, or the Design Council.

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