SEO Part 2: Taking Your SEO Strategy to the Next Level

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SEO Part 2: Taking Your SEO Strategy to the Next Level | Online

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Past Locations for this Class

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Organic search optimisation has significantly changed over the last couple of years. Many SEO strategies and tactics which worked well before are no longer treated as acceptable and safe. Google is making over 500 algorithm updates per year. Mobile search is expected to overtake desktop search before the end of 2014. While all these changes take place in the SEO space websites grow in terms of size, technology, design, visitors and user expectations. Competition has become increasingly intense with innovative approaches to gain search engine visibility. Optimising a website addressing all these changes has been a real challenge. While following the basic SEO guidelines, on-page and off-page strategies are still important, a sustainable growth from organic search can only be achieved by following some strategies that go beyond the basics both from a technical and content standpoint.


Technical SEO Considerations for a Growing Website

  • Structuring your website for efficient crawling, better indexing and link authority distribution
  • Finding and fixing duplicate content without losing page rank
  • Why do Rich Snippets/Micro Data Mark-up matter? And how and where to use them
  • XML & HTML Sitemap best practices

Mobile SEO Best Practices

  • Responsive Vs Mobile Websites: what is good for SEO and why?
  • Integrating your mobile SEO with desktop SEO strategy
  • Mobile SEO ranking factors

How to Do a Keyword Research Like a Pro

  • Three step approach for a comprehensive keyword strategy
  • Integrating the keywords strategy with your content strategy

Formulating a Content Strategy for SEO Success

  • Recent Google updates and their implications on your website content strategy
  • How to use content as an authority/link building strategy
  • User Experience (UX) considerations for SEO

Must-have Tools in Your SEO Toolbox

  • Deep dive in to key tools and reports in Google Webmaster Tools
  • What tools to use for a comprehensive SEO audit
  • Ways to unlock "Not Provided" organic keywords data in Analytics
  • How to gather competitor intelligence and do a competitor analysis

Prereqs & Preparation

If you already have a basic knowledge in SEO and the website(s) you manage requires an SEO strategy that goes beyond the basics you should definitely attend this class.

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