Search Marketing Workshop: SEO & SEM

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Search Marketing Workshop: SEO & SEM | Online

Online Campus


Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Is your business looking to grow its customer base? Do you care about your customer acquisition costs? If so, that's good because these are some of the most important questions your VCs and partners will ask.

This workshop is designed for startup owners and business / marketing execs looking to build knowledge to tackle two of the most potent marketing channels for any business - SEO and SEM. Students will walk away with a solid base to create a search engine optimised web presence, and a base plan to start ranking for relevant terms in Google.


Part 1: An Overview of the Search Landscape

  • Learn why search is an integral part of your marketing arsenal
  • Discuss methodology and approach to search engine marketing

Part 2: Search Engine Optimization Tools of the Trade

  • Define your keywords and audience
  • How to develop search-optimized web content
  • Identify link building opportunities

Part 3: Paid Search with Google AdWords

  • Define your keyword strategy
  • Draft optimized ads
  • Create a winning campaign structure

Prereqs & Preparation

  • Familiarity with marketing and communications basics
  • A desire to design and implement an online marketing strategy

Students should bring a laptop to class.

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