Search Engine Optimization Basics

Search Engine Optimization Basics | Dallas

About this class

Learn what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about, starting from the beginning. What is SEO? How do search engines work? What is the ranking algorithm? How can you adjust your marketing strategy based on Google algorithm changes?

What does it take to have a clean website that passes W3C compliance? How do you make a website responsive, mobile friendly, and rank on Google with a mobile version of your website? What code changes and modifications do the major search engines look for when ranking websites? Learn how to market your website on various channels such as directories, forums, social media sites, blogs, news sources, press release sites, and more. Understand that content is king and links are a result of good content that is properly marketed.

We'll cover the basics of link building and how the search engines qualify links, as well as familiarize you with good and bad backlinks and how to obtain those high quality backlinks for your website. We teach you how to build a clean backlink profile that will rank your website for your target keywords.


  • What is SEO
  • How to do SEO in 2018
  • How to do proper on site SEO
  • How to do proper off site SEO
  • How to build quality backlinks
  • How to analyze the results and make sure your ranking for the correct keywords

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