Recruiting 101 for Start-ups and Small Businesses

Past Locations for this Class

Recruiting 101 for Start-ups and Small Businesses | Berlin

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

Finding great talent is hard -- regardless of the role you're looking to fill. But recruiting great talent is what differentiates truly game-changing startups from the rest. A company's success will depend on being able to find and recruit the best people to join its effort, making recruiting the single most important aspect of entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, most startups get it completely wrong--focusing on the wrong places and tactics in an attempt to bring people in. This class will focus on a few examples of extremely effective practices that any startup can and should do to create a scalable recruiting effort.


  • How to source effectively
  • How to build a recruiting culture at your organization
  • How to interview effectively to find the best talent
  • Recruiting tips, best practices, and keys to success

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