Ready, Set, Goal!

Past Locations for this Workshop

Ready, Set, Goal! | Dallas

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Getting where we want to go requires that we first define where that is. We will teach you how to set clear goals and how to best leverage your time and resources to achieve them.

Setting goals is a simple concept that makes a big difference in success and failure; however very few people set goals and even fewer take the few steps to increase their chances of success. During this workshop we will discuss why it is important to set goals, how to set goals well, and the simple steps you can take to position yourself in a place to intentionally move toward your goals.


  • Find out why most of us have a hard time setting goals and why even fewer accomplish them

  • Learn to set goals well and how to set yourself up for success

  • Understand how to define your personal and/or business filters (filters are already in place but we don’t always put words to them and they are what guide us in setting goals and making decisions)

  • Discover how to leverage your time and resources so that they reflect your goals and priorities

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