Rapid Prototyping and Testing for Better Designs

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Rapid Prototyping and Testing for Better Designs | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Class

About this class

You know what you want when it comes to designing your site, your web or mobile app, your anything, but what about your users? User experience is at the heart of building a successful product. In this class, we'll explore the full potential of rapid prototyping and how they can help in explaining and optimising your design ideas.

Get your post-it pads ready, this interactive and hands-on class which will see you building upon your ideas through group exercises and instructor feedback. The instructor help you think through numerous examples and projects from a users' perspectives by physically mapping out their concerns.

By the end of the class you will learn the process of learning how to mock ideas with speed. You will walk through user testing and how it can support the product design process to then be employed to deliver better user experience.


Rapid Prototyping
Learn how to:

  • (and what to) prototype
  • prototype with your clients and get early buy-in
  • pick the right fidelity for the stage of the project
  • prototype iteratively

    User testing
    Learn how to:

  • design user testing studies for different budgets
  • identify and measure key metrics for benchmarking
  • use user testing to win design wars
  • be more empathetic to your users
    • Walk away with an understanding of resources and tools to model functional and effective design

    Prereqs & Preparation

    Have an idea for a product, digital or physical? Evolve your idea in this class.

    Bring along your laptop if you like but it's not mandatory.

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