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About this workshop

Python is quickly becoming the go-to programming language for working with large amounts of data. Both existing programmers and those new to the practice will need to understand Python’s ecosystem that allows you to easily load, query, interpret and analyze complicated and messy data for a variety of business purposes.

This workshop introduces you to the major Python libraries used for data analysis (primarily Numpy and Pandas), and gives you a practical, thorough walk through for how to use them for the most important data management tasks. It starts you off with the basics, and walks you through various API’s until you’ll be able to easily clean, manage, join, and analyze data sets with millions of rows…..all on your own laptop.

This workshop is ideal for analysts, marketers, non-python programmers, and anyone looking to expand their data toolkit by learning how to use the world’s most flexible and powerful data management ecosystem.


  • Introduction to the Scipy ecosystem, and what purpose its major components serve
  • How to use the IPython computing environment
  • The basics of the Numpy and Pandas apis
  • Connecting to and loading in different types of data
  • Selecting, querying, and segmenting your data
  • How to join together multiple data sources
  • Common Pandas operations for analyzing your data
  • How to optimize performance and rapidly expand the size of the datasets you can work on The basics of visualization using Pandas and matplotlib

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