Python for Beginners

Orlando Campus

GA Orlando
100 E Pine Street, #110
Orlando FL 32801

Python for Beginners | Orlando

Orlando Campus

GA Orlando
100 E Pine Street, #110
Orlando FL 32801

About this workshop

Explore the intersection of coding and data. During our Python-focused introductory workshop, you’ll learn to harness the power of an essential programming language for data scientists. Working with real-world examples, you’ll:

  • Understand the fundamental Python programming techniques and tools.
  • Discover the history of Python and how it compares to other programming languages.
  • Discuss its applications in data analysis and the types of problems it can solve.
  • See where Python programming fits into the data workflow.
  • Apply your new skills to solve a real-world problem with Python.

Learning Objectives

After this lesson, you will be able to: - use Python interactively via Jupyter Notebook - use various Python data types (string, list, tuple, and dictionary) - use Python control statements (if...elif...else, for, break, continue ) - write and call a simple function - import and utilize a module - read from and write to a text file

This bootcamp is broken down into 3 modules.

Part 1: Introduction to Python (2 hours) - What is Python and why do we use it? - What is the difference compared to other programming languages? - Install Fest: installation and setting up the necessary software - Using the Jupyter Notebook

Part 2: Data Types & Control Statements (2 hours) - Understanding Python data types including lists, tuples and dictionaries - Understanding control statements: For loops, break, continue; If… elif… else

Part 3: Python Programming Practices (2 hours) - Write and call Python functions - Hands-on practices - Advanced Python topics - List comprehensions - Lambda functions - Slicing - Classes - Exception handling

Prereqs & Preparation

This workshop is for analysts, product managers, mathematicians, business managers or anyone else that wants to learn how to code in Python. General technical savvy, and comfort with computers. Bring a laptop where you have admin rights so that you can install software.

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