Push Past Bias & Selective Data

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Push Past Bias & Selective Data | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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People tend to be biased with their levels of optimism which means most of us may intentionally or unintentionally use selective data to make predictions. That’s why establishing a firm foundation for planning purposes, and simulating possible variations in what the future may hold, is crucial to avoid these inherent biases - especially in situations of uncertainty.This process creates the ability to adapt as quickly as possible with improved odds for success.

If ever there was a time to gain a holistic understanding of simulating and scenario-planning for future success and move towards an omnichannel approach, that time is now. During this webinar, Analytic Partners will highlight the relationships between business drivers and performance and give advice on how to avoid biased decisioning to plan for future success and maximized potential. It’s time to cut out siloed thinking.

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