Pursuing Your Purpose: Engaging in Mission

Pursuing Your Purpose: Engaging in Mission | Dallas

About this event

This event will help you find the motivation to persevere through difficulty and engage in your purpose in a time where circumstances have, and will continue to change. If your life circumstances have shifted, or if you have hit hard times, and your sense of purpose has been shaken, this workshop will give you a newfound framework for what pursuing your purpose and potential even in the midst of hardship.


  • Clarifying your potential
  • Defining your framework for purpose
  • Establishing a clear sense of identity
  • Motivation for perseverance amidst difficult and a strategy for embracing transition

Prereqs & Preparation

The content for this presentation is for those who are desiring to reshape their framework of purpose and have clarity into their potential. This will help anyone who has faced a change in their life, or a transition in their particular circumstances, causing an upheaval in their sense of meaning and will help utilize these life changes as a catalyst for an even stronger and unshakable sense of self.

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