Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for Introverts | Salt Lake City

About this workshop

Tired of feeling anxious when presenting yourself or your business to clients, or when hanging around all those back-slapping extroverts at cocktail parties? If so, this workshop is for you! By joining us you’ll learn:

· How to manage your public speaking nerves · How to create the right communication mindset · How to be authentic and likable in crowds · How to look like you belong in the spotlight (because you do)

Come on out for a knee-slapping good time as we partake in some fear fighting, improv pitching, and storytelling. This workshop is highly interactive, allowing every participant the opportunity to speak and be heard! Positive attitudes, open minds, and high fives are expected and included in the price. Butterflies and cat-caught tongues will be checked at the door.

What’s the end result? A more confident, positive, and personable you who’s ready to release all reservations and present yourself boldly to the world.

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