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Project Management Workshop- | Austin

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

The profession of project management, specifically digital and web project management, has recently become one of the hottest jobs in the tech market.

Many growing Austin organizations have come to recognize the need for project managers in the wake of expanding operations and project teams. It’s not uncommon for designers and developers to find themselves cast in the role of project manager, even if many of these responsibilities fall well outside their job description. This is also a good time to “break into” the profession of project management for folks who work in a capacity related to design or development.

Our course will focus specifically on the basics of project management for beginners; whether you’ve recently found yourself cast in the role of project manager by your company, or whether you’re looking to make a career transition.

We will cover everything from project planning, project management methodologies (Agile and Waterfall), running meetings, and the “soft skills” needed to successfully facilitate a project. We’ll also explore the major project management tools in the marketplace.


  • Creating a project plan (requirements, scope, budget, resource allocation, timeline, risk factors)
  • Kicking off a project with clients, stakeholders, and your team by getting buy-off on timeline and scope.
  • Facilitating the project (meeting deadlines, recognizing risk, prioritizing needs, mitigating conflicts, adjusting timelines
  • Honing the soft skills needed to navigate successful interpersonal relationships with clients and team members.
  • Learning about the tools and applications that can help simplify your workflow and improve communication with your team

Prereqs & Preparation

  • If you have attended Project Management 101 in the past, please note this workshop will be covering similar material.

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