Programming for Non-Programmers: Get Started

Past Locations for this Workshop

Programming for Non-Programmers: Get Started | Hong Kong

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Are you a creative-type or entrepreneur that wishes you could speak tech with your web development team? Maybe you wish you could code a bit yourself? Programming for Non-Programmers is workshop series at General Assembly designed to help non-programmers communicate more efficiently with developers.

This workshop tackles development principles to get you on the right path, by looking at questions like, "Front-end vs. Back-end?", "Is UX necessary for my project?", "What is this JavaScript function thingy, and why am I passing it strange math equations?" About half of the workshop is spent looking at actual code and writing some basic JavaScript, HTML & CSS.


  • Front-end programming vs back-end programming
  • What coding languages should I use for my next project?
  • Which CMS is right for the job?
  • What are the stages of development?
  • What deliverables do I need to provide my developer? (FYI - This is important and often neglected or done poorly)
  • Reading code & basic developing principles to get us started
  • 6 concepts of programming that are the found in every programming language
  • Understanding Javascript Variables & Functions
  • Understanding development best-practices to help discern the value of a developer

Prereqs & Preparation

You must bring a laptop to class (Mac preferred, as the examples on screen will be for the Mac OS).

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