Productivity for Entrepreneurs

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Productivity for Entrepreneurs | Dallas

Past Locations for this Class

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New entrepreneurs are born everyday. People are leaving structured big company jobs to start or join startups. At the same time, everyday jobs are becoming more unstructured and entrepreneurial.

In addition, there is severe information overload. We are bombarded with social media, email and different chat platforms every minute. It is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve meaningful results and live a balanced life.

We want it all. To achieve impact and productivity at work, to spend time with friends and family, to stay fit and healthy, to keep learning and growing.

This class is a collection of strategies, tactics and tools that can help us navigate the complexity of today's entrepreneurial environment and be more productive and impactful.


  • Quick and easy ways of capturing creative thoughts and ideas.
  • Learn how to get important and impactful things actually done.
  • Discover tools that help to block distraction and create focus.
  • Create a framework to help prioritise tasks and activities.
  • Turn ideas into projects and tasks - a workflow to capture, process, delegate and execute.

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