Product Management Bootcamp Remote (Online)

Product Management Bootcamp Remote (Online)


About this workshop

You’re full of ideas, but how do you know which are worth working on? In the first half of the workshop, you’ll learn how to use the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) philosophy to test and validate your ideas with the least amount of work required. The ultimate goal is to get to product/market fit. Take your idea and get moving in the right direction quickly and efficiently.

In the second portion of the workshop you’ll learn how to identify the right metrics and KPIs to guide your product to continued success. Products are constantly evolving even after launching. Being able to measure your product’s progress is critical to improving it.

Prereqs & Preparation

  • This bootcamp is taken completely online. We will provide login information and a link to the platform on the day of each session. You will need a computer, a strong internet connection, and an open mind to join.
  • If you cannot attend live, the recording will be sent out to those who did not attend live as well as the instructor's slides.
  • This workshop is taking place in Eastern Time.

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