Product Brainstorming 101

Product Brainstorming 101 | Dallas

About this class

Coming up with new products is difficult for most people, but it really doesn't have to be. There are several easy techniques for coming up with new product ideas. This class will focus on three of these techniques.

Students will leave the class knowing detailed applications of brainstorming techniques and a few new ideas for products that they can pursue!


Students will learn the following techniques for brainstorming new products and features:

  • "Brand" but for "different market" - Applying what works in market one and transferring it to another.
  • Best of both worlds - Analyze the advantages of a certain winning product to see why it's really winning. Then apply that advantage to a different product.
  • Stale markets - Analyze markets and look at where innovation has been stalled for too long. These markets are often ripe for disruption and innovation. Think about how you can take modern technology and improve that market.

Prereqs & Preparation


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