Presenting for Success: Public Speaking Workshop

Past Locations for this Workshop

Presenting for Success: Public Speaking Workshop | Dallas

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Are you ready to be more visible at work? Ready for your next promotion? Or a career change? Then the Presentation Masterclass is for you. This workshop will prepare you to be heard with power and impact in meetings, in the office and to be chosen for new opportunities.

Practical, practical, practical.

The best presenters rehearse and get feedback on how to improve. Turbo boost your learning, picking up practical skills and presenting, while receiving and responding to Feed Forward from Happiness Concierge speaker coaches.


  • Engaging presentation and storytelling skills
  • Record your first presentations on your phone, watch it
  • Understanding of your natural presentation persona
  • Learn how to present with Feed Forward from that
  • Presentation Persona Framework
  • Content Structure
  • Storytelling 101
  • Highly practical, with frameworks for content and structure

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