Positioning Yourself in a New Job Market During A Global Pandemic

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Positioning Yourself in a New Job Market During A Global Pandemic | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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The purpose of this webinar is to help the people affected by the current global pandemic with navigating through what to do when nobody seems to be hiring right now.

There are many effective and useful ways to spend your time during a period like this including, refining your goals and vision for the future, rebranding your resume and LinkedIn profile to stay ahead of the curve, adding new skills to your tool belt, and sharpening the existing skills that you already possess.

The audience can expect an informative and interactive experience where I will be highlighting a number of important topics and discussions relating to staying focused and diligent while in the midst of a chaotic outbreak. After I work my way through each topic (with real life examples for each) I will then ask the audience to share a personal experience of how the coronavirus has impacted their job or business.

At this point, I will select certain answers that I will be able to pick apart so that I can provide the audience with some valuable insight. If the interaction rate is low, I will have an example or two prepared to close things off.

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