Persuade Anyone: Acing The Art of Presenting Data Insights

Past Locations for this Workshop

Persuade Anyone: Acing The Art of Presenting Data Insights | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Communicating technical data to non-data professionals, including business decision-makers, very often can be a nightmare for all involved. While data professionals tend to focus on the technical complexity and/or robustness of their analyses, non-data professionals might have difficulties contextualising these insights due to their technical nature. As a result, these insights tend to create more confusion and chaos as opposed to the intended clarity around the recommended next steps.

Data is only useful when it is accurately conveyed and understood by all parties. Thus, bridging this communication gap between data professionals and business professionals is vital to improve business outcomes. With data providing an abundance of insight, it is imperative that data professionals learn to contextualise the technical results for different business teams so they are able to drive better decisions.

Whether you’re an executive making a pitch to prospective clients or a data analyst who deals with transforming data, this workshop is the one for you.

In this workshop, we will introduce and orientate participants to a data storytelling powerpoint template that can be used to convince different groups of decision makers. We will also share tips and hacks for customising the template to specific industries and settings among other use cases/ scenarios.


  • Learn effective strategies for presenting data insights and how to set yourself up for success to persuade anyone

  • Learn how storytelling can be applied to data

  • Learn top tips on creating a data presentation targeted at non-technical audiences

  • Demo and hands-on exercise for your first data storytelling deck template

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