Online Storytelling for Non-Profits and Social Enterprise | Cleveland

About this class

Storytelling in business is all the rage these days. But it’s been around since one man bragged to another about the woolly mammoth that got away.

Successful NPOs have weaved stories into traditional marketing and fundraising campaigns for almost as long, because the right story:

  • grabs attention faster, and holds it
  • builds trust and credibility
  • taps into people’s emotions
  • influences and drive decisions.

However, if you’re like many people working in and running NPOs and Social Enterprises, you:

  • struggle to find or create a compelling story
  • aren’t sure how to use them effectively for different goals and audiences
  • want to know the best ways to engage more impatient and less ‘captive’ online audiences.
  • Takeaways

    • the elements of an effective story
    • successful digital NPO stories
    • why some stories work and others don’t
    • how to find your own engaging stories
    • creating compelling stories that connect, inspire and activate your online audience.

    Prereqs & Preparation

    Bring a statement of your business or organisation's core purpose.

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