Network Your Way Into Any Job You Want

Network Your Way Into Any Job You Want | Dallas

About this workshop

Gone are the days of finding a job by submitting online applications in hopes of landing an interview. In today's hyper-competitive job market, new jobs are secured through networking. Networking, a form of professional relationship-building, is the most effective way to land any job you want.

We'll cover how to identify who you should be networking with based on your career interests. Then, we'll create email templates that can be used to build strategic relationships with people at the companies you're most excited about. You'll leave the workshop knowing how to lead an informational interview, drive conversations about job opportunities, and secure an interview for your dream job. Of course, we'll also create a roadmap for actively staying in touch with the people who can positively influence your career long-term.

If you are exploring career opportunities or are ambitious about rising to the top of your industry, this is the workshop for you.


  • Networking game-plan customized to your career goals
  • Templates for reaching out to the people who can connect you with opportunities
  • Strategies for approaching various networking environments (large events, LinkedIn, phone calls, coffee meetings)

Prereqs & Preparation

You do not need to prepare anything before our workshop. Please bring a laptop so we can start building your networks as we go!

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