Mastering Negotiations Workshop

Past Locations for this Workshop

Mastering Negotiations Workshop | Dallas

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

Become a master of negotiation - learn how to identify negotiation opportunities, prepare for the situation, and achieve your desired results. This workshop will be a thorough overview of the theory and tactics of negotiations. Students will receive instruction, engage in mock negotiations, and receive direct feedback.

Instructional topics include: Etiquette: ethics, lying, disputes, and why you should never accept the first offer How To Prepare: scoring systems, dimensions, reservation prices, BATNAs, and target prices Cognitive Forces: anchoring, first offers, and rationale Key Techniques: MESOs, concessions, and negotiating packages vs. pieces


Enter any negotiation prepared to secure optimal outcomes Distance yourself from the cognitive forces at play, and recognize the path to a favorable outcome Use research-based techniques that consistently create better results Understand how to process offers, and protect your interests by producing great counter offers

Prereqs & Preparation

No prior knowledge required.

This workshop is perfect for anyone who anticipates negotiating a salary, a business deal, with a team at work, purchasing a home or car, financing a venture or a loan, pricing a product, or going to a yard sale.

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