Managing Humans: Essential Skills for New Managers

Managing Humans: Essential Skills for New Managers | San Diego

About this class

The hardest part about being a manager is dealing with humans! New managers are often strong in their subject matter -- whether it's marketing, coding, sales, design, or any other functional domain. But the actual job of managing humans requires a different set of strengths and skills. How do you give tough feedback? What do you do when members of your team aren't getting along? What do you say when your team asks you a question -- like whether or not there will be layoffs -- and you know the answer but can't tell them? How can you inspire your team when morale is low? What if you get promoted and you're now managing your friends?

This 90-minute workshop is designed to support new managers. You'll gain insights and learn skills that you can begin using immediately. Whether you have people reporting to you, or whether you're influencing and managing people who are not directly reporting to you, you'll feel more confident and prepared for whatever comes your way.


  • Leverage deep listening for influence and insight
  • Feel more confident having difficult conversations
  • Discover key elements of your personal leadership style

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