Made In Singapore: Drinks Legends

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Made In Singapore: Drinks Legends | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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Once fundamental to the after-hours experience of Singapore, cocktail bars quickly became peripheral during the circuit-breaker. However, even when factoring in COVID-19′s rampant crippling effects, revenue in the Food & Beverages industry in Singapore is still projected to reach US$264m in 2020, according to Statista. So what’s the secret behind what the bar industry in Singapore has done to remain resilient in a time of utmost uncertainty and duress?

Join us and take a sip of what domestic bar players are doing to pivot their business strategies, stir up the drinks scene in Singapore and ensure business continuity and sustainability. Our panelists will spill the tea (or booze, really) on the ups and downs of creating a stand out brand in Singapore, the strategies they adopt to adapt and survive and shed light on how they think the industry will be forever transformed after this experience.

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