LinkedIn 101 Workshop: How to Leverage Your Profile and Grow Your Business | Jacksonville

About this workshop

Learn how to leverage the power of the ultimate job search tool, LinkedIn, a platform that boasts 332+ million users and is used by 93% of recruiters.

​A good LinkedIn profile can serve as a combination resume, bio and brochure on who you are and why you matter professionally. ​In this workshop you'll get practical advice on how to turn your profile from a digital CV into a sticky landing page that boosts your personal branding and attracts your ideal audience. ​You will learn how to optimise all aspects of your profile, even the ones you might have overlooked. These include:

  • how to write a compelling summary
  • building credibility through your experience
  • how to boost your profile visibility so that LinkedIn can surface your profile when people are using certain search terms to find someone who does what you do

We will then look at using LinkedIn for professional networking and discuss different approaches that best suit your style. These tried and tested strategies will help you to maintain and expand your professional network to maximise business opportunities.

We'll finalise the session by focusing on content creation and how to build an engaging presence on the platform and position yourself as an expert within your niche.

Whether you’re a LinkedIn veteran or yet to sign up, you will get practical advice that you can start using immediately to succeed on LinkedIn this year.

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