Learn to Market for the Future: A Chat on Data Driven Marketing

Learn to Market for the Future: A Chat on Data Driven Marketing | Dallas

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The biggest thing that you need to know about data and marketing is the insights that you can gather but the most important thing is the access to the data because if you don’t have access you can’t get the insights. You need to be able to develop a regular regime of going and looking for those insight in order to know if you are doing the things you said you would do.

Jeffrey Hayzlett has owned franchises, ran small businesses and been CMO of a Fortune 500 company. For the past few years he has been traveling the country and visiting some of the most successful startups and large companies in order to learn the way they work. In every business and in every industry, limitations exist everywhere- mostly in our minds and the stories we tell ourselves. Hayzlett is now sharing the tips he has learned for moving past these obstacles through his own experiences and stories from other c-level leaders.

This is an interactive live stream, and we encourage you to tweet any questions before and during the live stream by using the hashtag #GALive

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