Lean UX Fundamentals: One Day Workshop

Past Locations for this Workshop

Lean UX Fundamentals: One Day Workshop | Melbourne

Past Locations for this Workshop

About this workshop

User Experience, or the way that people feel when they interact with technology is undoubtedly key to building a successful company. Traditional UX methodology can be a time consuming and costly process which leaves little time to react and iterate to changes in the market.

Lean UX is the practice of incorporating the Lean Methodology into UX to bring the true nature of our work to light faster, with less emphasis on deliverables and greater focus on the actual experience being designed. Detailed design cycles are replaced in favor of very short, iterative, low-fidelity cycles, with feedback coming from all members of the implementation team and users, as early and often as possible.

In this full-day workshop, experts in user experience principles and design will provide students with meaningful lessons in the art and science of building great user experiences.

It will focus on giving students a framework and methodology from which to translate their visions into usable, compelling products. It will cover topics ranging from user research and user journeys to prototying and testing.

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