KnowCap Presents: What it REALLY takes to build products at a startup

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KnowCap Presents: What it REALLY takes to build products at a startup | Dallas

Past Locations for this Event

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When trying to implement and follow best practices for building products, founders may likely refer back to what they've read on Medium or seen from startup “personalities" on Twitter. This content is valuable but can tend to paint an idealized picture from the perspective of a fully-scaled organization. Being a product leader on a small team, or one still scaling, can be quite different.

This session’s speaker is Jonathan Scott and he will be centering his session on helping aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of product management. Many may believe a product leader’s job is to be the “ideas person” when in reality, collecting data and real customer feedback is crucial. However, if you are not able to leverage that data within your product, your company may fail before it ever hits product-market fit.

If you want to launch a product that delights customers and eventually goes on to raise money for your startup, you will want to attend this session with Jonathan.


  • Learn about the day-to-day of building and managing a beautiful product for your startup
  • Building product is more about being a "problem(s) identifier" than an "ideas person”
  • Finding a balance between data-driven decision making and “paralysis by analysis"
  • How to lead a team focused on customer-centric product management

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