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Job Hunting in the Digital Age

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Job Hunting in the Digital Age | Online

Online Campus


Past Locations for this Event

About this event

Join GA as we bring together a panel of experts discussing the current state of the job search process. In today's world, leveraging technology and building your personal brand are instrumental in helping you land a job.

There once was a time when job hunting meant going through a newspaper and circling interesting job listings. Things have certainly changed since then.

Today, there's a variety of tools for companies to identify and evaluate (aka sleuthing) candidates. Yes, LinkedIn is part of the equation, but there’s a variety of other options and methods that recruiters use to find the best talent out there.

Another key aspect in today’s digital age is personal branding. A few years ago we worked hard to keep our social media accounts off the radar of potential employers (hide all of the incriminating keg party photos!). Now having an online presence is a crucial part of the process.

What You’ll Take Away:
Gain insight and inspiration from experts working in the hiring industry in Boston and hear first-hand how technology is transforming their work. You will also learn tips for building and optimizing your online presence through LinkedIn and other online avenues which will help you build your personal brand and land that dream job.

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  • Learn how to optimize a resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Find out how to establish yourself as a thought leader in your career by using social media.
  • Discover how to pitch yourself in a networking conversation (digital or physical), even if you hate talking to strangers.
  • Get answers to common resume questions as well as formatting tips.
  • Learn how to network and follow-up.
  • Discover job search resources online.
  • Find out interview tips, common questions, and exercises to practice.

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